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Pax Christi International releases statement, resources for World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel

Pax Christi International shares factsheets on its four advocacy priorities with Members of the European Parliament

Join us in Hiroshima, Japan in May 2020 for "Remember, Rise: The Promise of Peace", Pax Christi International's World Assembly

Read the statement released following April's gathering at the Vatican on nonviolence

Pax Christi International, with its members and partners, launches a statement in support of the Vatican Synod on the Amazon

Pax Christi International elects new co-presidents, Bishop Marc Stenger of France and Sr. Wamuyu Wachira of Kenya

Pax Christi International recognises the European Lawyers in Lesvos as recipient of the 2019 Peace Prize at ceremony in Brussels

Read the Pax Christi International annual report for 2018


Hong Kong: Pax Christi Asia-Pacific releases statement on the situation in Hong Kong

The people of Hong Kong have shown the world their commitment to the protection of democracy through protests and demonstrations with no clear end in sight...

Germany: Pax Christi Germany commemorates the 75th anniversary of the massacre in Maillé

After 75 years since the German massacres in Maillé, signs of atonement and solidarity are still important in France today...

Colombia: Colombia marking "week for peace" while a revival of armed conflict is feared

"I am and we are territories of peace" is the motto chosen for this year by the organizing committee, consisting of: National Secretariat of Social Pastoral/Cáritas Colombia, National Network of Initiatives for Citizens for Peace - Redepaz, Center for Popular Research and Education/Peace Program - CINEP/PPP and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - PUJ...

South Korea: Pax Christi Korea holds inaugural Mass and assembly

Pax Christi Korea hold their inaugural assembly and Mass and signs up over 300 members...

USA: Catholic Nonviolence Initiative part of free webinar on civil resistance in September

"Promoting Civil Resistance as Part of the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative" is a free webinar presented by former Pax Christi International co-president Marie Dennis and others...

Join us in Hiroshima, Japan in May 2020 for "Remember, Rise: The Promise of Peace", Pax Christi International's World Assembly

Pax Christi International will be observing two major 75th anniversaries in 2020. In 1945, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were devastated by the first atom bombs. That same year, upon the conclusion of the Second World War, Pax Christi International was founded as a movement of reconciliation between French and German Catholics who aspired to peace...