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Pax Christi International releases statement, resources for World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel

Pax Christi International shares factsheets on its four advocacy priorities with Members of the European Parliament

Join us in Hiroshima, Japan in May 2020 for "Remember, Rise: The Promise of Peace", Pax Christi International's World Assembly

Read the statement released following April's gathering at the Vatican on nonviolence

Pax Christi International, with its members and partners, launches a statement in support of the Vatican Synod on the Amazon

Pax Christi International elects new co-presidents, Bishop Marc Stenger of France and Sr. Wamuyu Wachira of Kenya

Pax Christi International recognises the European Lawyers in Lesvos as recipient of the 2019 Peace Prize at ceremony in Brussels

Read the Pax Christi International annual report for 2018


Pax Christi International shares factsheets on its four advocacy priorities with Members of the European Parliament

The new members of the European Parliament (MEPs) met for the first time on 2-4 July in Strasbourg and its Committees and Sub-Committees on Foreign Affairs, International Trade, Development, Human Rights and Security and Defence have been formed...

UK: Pax Christi UK's Bruce Kent named recipient of the 2019 MacBride Award from the International Peace Bureau

Bruce Kent is an internationally known peace activist and a “real peace hero” who, even in his 90th year, remains an active campaigner and organizer for peace and human rights...

Religions for Peace assembly takes place in Germany, issues declaration

The 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace convened in Lindau, Germany at the end of August. The multi-religious gathering was organized from 20-23 August in partnership with the Foundation Peace Dialogue of the World Religions and Civil Society...

Austria: Pax Christi Austria observes the anniversary of the start of the Second World War with statement on need for justice, reconciliation

On the anniversary of the German invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939, which marks the start of World War II, Pax Christi Austria issued a statement calling on churches to speak out when "excessive nationalism, contempt for humanity and racism are heard again as war threatens."...

Europe: Pax Christi International joins PAX, Pax Christi Vlaanderen in signing onto letter to new Members of the European Parliament regarding peace project

Earlier this week, Pax Christi International joined our partners at PAX and Pax Christi Vlaanderen alongside 58 other non-profit organisations "to express our deep concern about a number of policy proposals which, taken together, call into question the EU’s founding values of human rights, peace and disarmament."...

Democratic Republic of Congo: Two new articles feature the project on active nonviolence in the Great Lakes region of Africa

During the month of August, Dieudonne Serukabuza, our regional coordinator for Africa, spent time conducting a "training of trainers" workshop in the Democratic Republic of Congo and an evaluation of thge project on empowering new generations on active nonviolence and entrepreneurship in the area...