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Africa is a vast continent of incredible diversity, physical beauty, and rich natural resources. Despite a tragic history of colonialism, economic exploitation, and post-independence struggles, African peoples have demonstrated a spirit of determination and courage in their quest for a better future. In settings where violence, extreme poverty, and life-threatening disease are very real threats, the need for nonviolent change is particularly urgent.



The work of Pax Christi in the Americas and the Caribbean began in earnest in the late 1970s. At that time, the wars and human rights abuses in Central America strongly demanded international action. In the early eighties, Pax Christi International and its member organisations sent the first of several delegations and fact-finding missions to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The consequent reports were published, and advocacy was carried out at the human rights bodies of the United Nations and other organisations.



Pax Christi’s work in Asia-Pacific began with the founding of Pax Christi Australia in 1973. During that period, Pax Christi was established as an important peace movement in Australia and has been influential in peace initiatives in the country ever since. As Pax Christi member organisations grew within the region, a strong Asia-Pacific perspective developed within Pax Christi's network.



Europe was the setting for both World Wars, where tens of millions of people lost their lives in the horrible carnage that lasted for far too many years. Pax Christi International was born at the end of World War II as a faith based organisation that advocated for Peace in war-torn Europe.



Pax Christi International and many of its member organisations are deeply engaged in the situation in the Middle East -- as the Israel-Palestine conflict, the instability in Lebanon, human rights violations in Syria, the developments of contacts in Jordan and Egypt, the tensions around Iran, and the war in Iraq. The Pax Christi network concentrates its activities with special attention to the minorities in the region such as the Kurds and the Christian communities in countries such as Iraq.