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Our world is struggling to effectively address the needs of all peoples in the face of complex international globalisation.

Pax Christi International calls for authentic development that fosters the development of each person, and of the whole person. In authentic development, economics are not to be separated from human realities, or development from the civilisation in which it takes place.

What counts is the person - each individual person, each human group, and humanity as a whole. No model of development can be absolutised. Authentic development must be concerned about the development of the person in his or her integrity.

Pax Christi International promotes the framework for a multilateral rights-and-duties based international political, military, and economic system, with a preferential option for the poorest and the poor countries, in the context of the United Nations and its institutions. Our movement and network is urging for a better and more effective world authority which is able to promote, coordinate, and direct international collaboration among nations.