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Pax Christi International promotes sustainable security rooted in justice and emancipation. The movement offers a forum at which the major global security issues can be analysed and discussed. As an international network, Pax Christi presents strategies and campaigns with regards to weapons of war, in all their forms, and their effects upon human security.

Pax Christi International has set as its aim, the elimination of weapons of mass destruction and fundamental control of all weapons production. In order to ensure the security of human beings now and in the future, Pax Christi believes that it is imperative that the production and distribution of arms be reduced as much as possible.

To make this feasible, international nonviolent security strategies and instruments must be strengthened and further developed. This means the creation of binding and enforceable multi-lateral treaties with regards to all aspects of the weapons industry.

Through this effort, nations and their peoples will no longer have to fear one another, and security strategies that ground themselves in such categories as “mutually assured destruction” or total dominance will become obsolete.

Our efforts at establishing such treaties currently focus on the elimination of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons; the total ban on landmines; the regulation of small arms and light weapons; and the regulation of cluster munitions.


Pax Christi International

Nuclear Disarmament Ressources: 


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