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Our Work

As a grassroots-driven organisation stretching across the globe, extending across different continents, cultures and religions, Pax Christi’s work is as diverse as its membership.  Actions of Pax Christi member organisations take place on a local, regional and global level. 

On a given day the work of Pax Christi’s members can take on many forms. It can range from an open dialogue and discussion on peace and spirituality in our lives to participating in anti-war actions on the streets of the world’s capitals.  It can be the struggle against the illicit arms trade through active support of international actions for the control of small arms.

Sometimes it is awareness-raising of human rights' issues by letter-writing campaigns, speeches or meetings with the communities and governments where Pax Christi member organisations live. Other times it is raising the standards of living of people in their own community by social development projects and training programmes.

Regardless of the theme or place of its work, be it advocacy at the United Nations in Geneva and New York or spreading a message of hope and non-violence in traumatised regions of D.R. Congo or Israel and Palestine, Pax Christi’s membership is bound together in a global community of hope by their common vision of a more peaceful and just future.

Members of Pax Christi are committed to encountering and responding to the issues facing the world today through the Pax Christi Methodology of Prayer, Study and Action.

To deal with the diverse multiplicity of Pax Christi’s work around the world, we organise our thinking as a global movement according to major themes which are treated by Regional and Continental Consultations, by special Thematic sessions and the Pax Christi World Convocation.

To explore more with regards to Pax Christi’s perspectives on these issues, such as the work in the regions, the concerns and strategies, as well as to find out what work is being done, please navigate through these categories as they are presented on the navigation bar to the left.