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Resources from Pax Christi Member Organisations




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Centre de recherche et d’action pour la paix - Ivory Coast


Peace Tree Network - Kenya

  • Using the ballot to stop the bullet by Mwachofi Singo, Solomon Owuoche and Frederic Tutu Kama-Kama | Date: unknown | Keywords: elections, peacebuilding, Great Lakes, Africa, politics, peace


Denis Hurley Peace Institute - South Africa

  • Guardian of the light by Paddy Kearney | Date: unknown | Keywords: biography, Denis Hurley, archbishop, apartheid, South Africa





Pax Christi USA

  • The Peace Current, seasonally membership newsletter | Date: Various | Keywords: nonviolence, peace, antiracism, human rights, economic justice, disarmament, climate change
  • The Gospel, Nonviolence and Civil Discourse, by Marie Dennis | Date: October 2012 | Keywords: faith, nonviolence, peace, reflections
  • The Pope Francis Effect: Changing Political Discourse and Challenging the Church of the Global North, by Tom Cordaro | Date: November 2014 | Keywords: Pope Francis, economy, environment
  • Reflection booklets and resources for Advent and Lent | Date: Ongoing | Keywords: Advent, Lent, spirituality, nonviolence, reflections
  • Seeds in Good Soil, by Tom Cordaro | Date: October 2012 | Keywords: peace education, faith, reflections
  • * Words of Peace, by various authors | Date: 2014 | Keywords: peace, reflections, light, truth
  • * Engaged Spirituality by Fr. Joe Nangle | Date: 2014 | Keywords: spirituality, faith
  • * The Nonviolent Moment by Sr. Marylou Kownacki | Date: 2014 | Keywords: spirituality, peace
  • * Be Not Afraid by Tom Cordaro | Date: 2014 | Keywords: spirituality, peace, faith
  • * Between Two Souls by Sr. Marylou Kownacki | Date: 2014 | Keywords: spirituality, faith
  • * Peace, War and the Christian Conscience by Dr. Joseph Fahey, Ph.D. | Date: 2014 | Keywords: peace, war, religion
  • * Love Beyond Measure – A Spirituality of Nonviolence, by various authors | Date: 2014 | Keywords: spirituality, faith, peace, religion, nonviolence
  • * Peacemaking Day By Day, by various authors | Date: 2014 | Keywords: peacemaking, reflections

Further details on how to order Pax Christi USA publications marked  with (*) can be found here


Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns - USA

Comissão Pastoral da Terra - Brazil


Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolomé de las Casas - Mexico





The office for justice, peace and development, CBCI - India


Jesuit Refugee Service Asia Pacific - Thailand


National Commission for Justice and Peace - Pakistan





Pax Christi Wallonie-Bruxelles, Belgium


Centre for Peace, Non-Violence and Human Rights - Croatia

  • Priče iz Berka, by Aleksa Dragica | Date: 2001 | Keywords: tales, Berka
  • Znak nade, by Mary Evelyn Jegen | Date: 1997 | Keywords: peace work, hope | Available via email request.
  • Izabirem život, by Katarina Kruhonja | Date: 2001 | Keywords: peacebuilding, teams, postwar, projects
  • Pjesma mira, by various authors | Date: 1997 | Keywords: songs, poems, peace
  • Isus i nenasilje, by Walter Wink | Date: 2003 | Keywords: peace, nonviolence, religion, Jesus
  • Podrivanje globalne kulture, by dam Curle, Scilla Elworthy | Date: unknown | Keywords: violence, culture, peace




Diocese of Kerry - Ireland


Pax Christi Germany


PAX - Netherlands


Pax Christi Portugal


Pax Christi UK


Life & Peace Institute - Sweden


Pax Christi Flanders - Belgium





The Center for Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation - Palestine

  • Why negotiate?, by Dr.Rabah Halabi | Date: 2009 | Keywords: negotiation, reconciliation, conflict resolution | Also available in Hebrew.
  • Media project report, by CCRR | Date: unknown | Keywords: project, media,


The Arab Educational Institute (AEI) - Palestine

  • * The "Wall Museum", Palestinian stories on the Wall in Bethlehem | Date: unknown | Keywords: Palestine, Bethlehem, Wall
  • * The retold diary of Yara, a child from Bethlehem | Date: unknown | Palestine, Bethlehem
  • * "If you did not destroy my home..."- Palestinians respond to Israeli occupation | Date: unknown | Keywords: Palestine, Israel
  • * Youth of Palestine. An educational manual, videos and game | Date: unknown | Keywords: Palestine, youth, education
  • * On a Donkey to Bethlehem, by Marinus van Nistelrooij | Date: unknown | Keywords: Palestine, Bethlehem
  • * Sumud | Date: unknown | Keywords: Palestine, sumud
  • * Hoping against Hope, by the Anna Lindh Foundation | Date: unknown | Keywords: Palestine, Israel
  • * Challenging the Wall: Towards a Pedagogy of Hope, by Toine van Teeffelen | Date: unknown | Keywords: Palestine, Bethlehem, Israel, Wall
  • * Living in the Holy Land: Respecting Differences. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, by Fuad Giacaman and Walid Mustapha | Date: unknown | Keywords: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Palestine, Bethlehem, Israel, Wall
  • * "Another Way, Non-violence as a Mentality and Strategy in Palestine: Materials for Education", by AEI | Date: unknown | Keywords: non-violence, education, Palestine, Bethlehem, Wall
  • * "Living Together in The Holy Land: Respecting Differences",  | Date: unknown | Keywords: Holy Land, Palestine برنامج العيش في الديار المقدسة: احترام الاختلافات
  • * Caged In: Life in Gaza During the Second Intifada | Date: unknown | Keywords: Gaza, Intifada
  • * Ibrahim 'Ayyad | Date: unknown | Keywords: n/a
  • * Bethlehem Community Book | Date: unknown | Keywords: Palestine, Bethlehem, Wall
  • * Sahtain | Date: unknown | Keywords: n/a
  • * Moral Stories from Palestine | Date: unknown | Keywords: Palestine, Bethlehem, Wall
  • * Bethlehem Diary: Living Under Curfew and Occupation 2000-2002, by Toine van Teeffelen | Date: unknown | Keywords: Palestine, Bethlehem, Wall, Israel, occupation
  • * Your Stories Are My Stories, by St Joseph School for Girls | Date: unknown | Keywords: Palestine, Bethlehem, Wall 


Further details on how to order AEI publications marked with (*) can be found here.


Association Justice et Misericorde - Lebanon


Library on wheels for nonviolence and peace association - Palestine